Client Application

Certification for New Clients

If you are a new client, please fill out the Client Application Form and contact the Social Worker, Diane Ferrari. She can be reached at 617-696-1214 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Recertification for Existing Clients

Recertification for existing clients can be done at the Milton Community Food Pantry by any of the weekend supervisors. Clients need to recertify annually, and you will be notified when you need to do so. You need the following information to be recertified:

  • Updated Client Application Form
  • Proof of Milton Residence and proof of assistance, such as:
    • SNAP, Food Stamps
    • Free school lunch
    • Section 8 housing
    • Fuel assistance
    • Mass Health

Information for Milton Community Food Pantry Clients

The Milton Community Food Pantry serves members of our community in need and seeks to allow each client to utilize our resource to the fullest possible extent. The following guidelines for Pantry users are being provided to you to set a standard for behavior. They are intended to ensure the safety of all clients and volunteers, to clarify our expectations for our clients and to make your experience a positive one. Please review and comply with these 10 items to ensure your continued privilege to use the Milton Community Food Pantry.

  1. All “workers” at the pantry are unpaid volunteers and are there to help the clients. All clients should expect to be treated kindly and respectfully by volunteers as well as by other clients. All volunteers expect the same from clients. Client behavior deemed inappropriate may be grounds for taking away the privilege of using the Food Pantry.

  2. Your Food Pantry application form (certification) is good for one full year. Once a year each client then needs to be re-certified by meeting with the social worker who works with us. We will notify you when it is time to be re-certified.

  3. The Food Pantry is open every Saturday (with an occasional exception) from 10 am to 12 noon. Clients arriving after 11:45 am will not be allowed to shop but will be provided a pre-packed food bag.

  4. Clients may come every week or only as often as you need food. Occasionally around a holiday time we will be closed, but notification will be posted the weeks beforehand.

  5. All clients are expected to pick up their own food. If you cannot do so on a particular Saturday, but need some food, another family member or a friend may pick up for you. If the person who picks up your food is not a member of your household, then a note should be written to us giving that person permission to do so. Date and sign the note and have the person show it when he or she checks in.

  6. Food cannot be taken for a Saturday ahead or for the previous Saturday if you were not in. Please do not ask volunteers to break this rule.

  7. A volunteer will accompany each client to assist you in your shopping. Our goal is to keep the flow of shoppers steady and the rooms clear of congestion.

  8. Please follow posted food charts for the amount of food allotted to your family size; the amounts are based on federal nutrition guidelines so we ask you to please not ask volunteers to make exceptions.

  9. Please have children remain with you at all times to reduce confusion and protect the safety of all. If the behavior of a client’s children is deemed inappropriate or unsafe to themselves, other clients or staff members, they may be prohibited from accompanying their parents to the Food Pantry.

  10. Please remain in the pantry until your shopping is completed and, once having left, please do not return for “exchanges”.